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Mapping terms between MO and OBO foundry ontologies

Mapping between MO and Sequence Ontology (SO)
Mapping between MO and Phenotypic quality (PATO)
Mapping between MO and Units of measurement (UO)

Mapping terms between MO and Sequence Ontology (SO)
(Total 15 terms mapped)

MO Term (v1.3.1.1)SO Term (v1.152)
AlleleSO:0001023 allele
aneuploidSO:0000054 aneuploid
chromosomal_deletionSO:1000029 chromosomal_deletion
chromosomal_duplicationSO:1000037 chromosomal_duplication
chromosomal_inversionSO:1000030 chromosomal_inversion
chromosomal_translocationSO:1000044 chromosomal_translocation
double_strandedSO:0000985 double
forwardSO:0001030 forward
genomic_DNASO:0000991 genomic_DNA
GenotypeSO:0001027 genotype
HaplotypeSO:0001024 haplotype
reverseSO:0001031 reverse
single_strandedSO:0000984 single
StrandTypeSO:0000983 strand_attribute
StrandTypeSO:0001029 direction_attribute
wild_typeSO:0000817 wild_type

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Mapping terms between MO and Phenotypic quality (PATO)
(Total 20 terms mapped)

MO Term (v1.3.1.1)PATO Term (v1.164)
AgePATO:0000011 age
aneuploidPATO:0001385 aneuploid
BioMaterialPurityPATO:0001339 biomaterial purity
diploidPATO:0001394 diploid
FPATO:0001347 F mating type
F_minusPATO:0001348 F minus mating type
femalePATO:0000383 female
haploidPATO:0001375 haploid
hermaphroditePATO:0001340 hermaphrodite
malePATO:0000384 male
mating_type_aPATO:0001341 a mating type (yeast)
mating_type_alphaPATO:0001344 alpha mating type (yeast)
mating_type_h_minusPATO:0001345 h minus
mating_type_h_plusPATO:0001346 h plus
mixed_sexPATO:0001338 mixed sex
PloidyPATO:0001374 ploidy
polyploidPATO:0001377 polyploid
TemperaturePATO:0000146 temperature
SexPATO:0000047 biological sex
unknown_sexPATO:0001336 unknown sex

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Mapping terms between MO and Units of measurement (UO)
(Total 91 terms mapped)

MO Term (v1.3.1.1)UO Term (v1.21)
AUO:0000019 angstrom
amolUO:0000044 attomole
candelaUO:0000014 candela
candelas_per_square_meterUO:0000085 candela per square meter
ccUO:0000097 cubic centimeter
cells_per_mlUO:0000201 cells per milliliter
cfu_per_mlUO:0000213 colony forming unit per milliliter
CiUO:0000133 curie
cmUO:0000015 centimeter
ConcentrationUnitUO:0000051 concentration unit
ConcentrationUnitOtherUO:0000051 concentration unit
countUO:0000189 count
cpmUO:0000148 counts per minute
daysUO:0000033 day
degrees_CUO:0000027 degree celsius
degrees_FUO:0000195 degree fahrenheit
DistanceUnitUO:0000001 length unit
DistanceUnitOtherUO:0000001 length unit
dlUO:0000209 deciliter
dpmUO:0000147 disintegrations per minute
fgUO:0000026 femtogram
flUO:0000104 femtoliter
fMUO:0000073 femtomolar
fmolUO:0000043 femtomole
gUO:0000021 gram
g_per_LUO:0000175 gram per liter
gram_percentUO:0000208 gram per deciliter
half-lifeUO:0000152 half life
hoursUO:0000032 hour
IUUO:0000181 enzyme unit
KUO:0000012 kelvin
kat_per_LUO:0000204 katal per liter
kgUO:0000009 kilogram
kg_per_m2UO:0000086 kilogram per square meter
LUO:0000099 liter
LightUnitUO:0000157 light unit
lumenUO:0000118 lumen
luxUO:0000116 lux
mUO:0000008 meter
MUO:0000062 molar
MassUnitUO:0000002 mass unit
MassUnitOtherUO:0000002 mass unit
mgUO:0000022 milligram
mg_per_mlUO:0000176 milligram per milliliter
microeinstein_per_second_and_square_meterUO:0000160 microeinstein per square meter per second
minutesUO:0000031 minute
mlUO:0000098 milliliter
ml_per_kgUO:0000198 milliliter per kilogram
mL_per_LUO:0000207 milliliter per liter
mmUO:0000016 millimeter
mMUO:0000063 millimolar
molUO:0000013 mole
moleculesUO:0000192 molecule count
monthsUO:0000035 month
msUO:0000028 millisecond
ngUO:0000024 nanogram
nlUO:0000102 nanoliter
nmUO:0000018 nanometer
nmolUO:0000041 nanomole
percent_confluenceUO:0000194 confluence percentage
percent_purityUO:0000193 purity percentage
percent_vol_per_volUO:0000165 volume percentage
percent_weight_per_volUO:0000164 mass volume percentage
percent_weight_per_weightUO:0000163 mass percentage
pfu_per_mlUO:0000215 plaque forming unit per milliliter
pgUO:0000025 picogram
pHUO:0000196 pH
plUO:0000103 picoliter
pMUO:0000066 picomolar
pmolUO:0000042 picomole
QuantityUnitUO:0000006 substance unit
QuantityUnitOtherUO:0000006 substance unit
RUO:0000136 roentgen
RadUO:0000135 rad
RadiationUnitUO:0000127 radiation unit
RemUO:0000140 Roentgen equivalent man
secondsUO:0000010 second
TemperatureUnitUO:0000005 temperature unit
TimeUnitUO:0000003 time unit
TimeUnitOtherUO:0000003 time unit
ugUO:0000023 microgram
ulUO:0000101 microliter
umUO:0000017 micrometer
uMUO:0000064 micromolar
umolUO:0000039 micromole
UnitUO:0000000 unit
usUO:0000029 microsecond
VolumeUnitUO:0000095 volume unit
VolumeUnitOtherUO:0000095 volume unit
weeksUO:0000034 week
yearsUO:0000036 year

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