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Several of MO BioSequence Terms which mapped directly to the Sequence Ontology (SO) terms
have been deprecated in MO v1.3.1.1 (Total 36 terms)

MO Term (v1.3.1.1)SO Term (v1.152)
BACSO:0000153 BAC
cDNA_cloneSO:0000317 cDNA_clone
chromosomeSO:0000340 chromosome
clone_of_unknown_sourceSO:0000151 clone
consensus_DNASO:0000994 consensus_region
consensus_mRNASO:0000995 consensus_mRNA
cosmidSO:0000156 cosmid
ctDNASO:0001033 chloroplast_DNA
ds_oligoSO:0000442 ds_oligo
ESTSO:0000345 EST
exemplar_mRNASO:0000734 exemplar_mRNA
exonSO:0000147 exon
geneSO:0000704 gene
gene_fragmentSO:0000997 gene_fragment
intergenicSO:0000605 intergenic_region
intronSO:0000188 intron
mRNASO:0000234 mRNA
mtDNASO:0001032 mitochondrial_DNA
operonSO:0000178 operon
ORFSO:0000236 ORF
PACSO:0000154 PAC
PCR_ampliconSO:0000006 PCR_product
PCR_primerSO:0000441 ss_oligo
PCR_primer_forwardSO:0000121 forward_primer
PCR_primer_reverseSO:0000132 reverse_primer
plasmidSO:0000155 plasmid
polypeptideSO:0000104 polypeptide
predicted_geneSO:0000996 predicted_gene
promoterSO:0000167 promoter
rRNA_geneSO:0000252 rRNA
snRNA_geneSO:0001268 snRNA_gene
ss_oligoSO:0000441 ss_oligo
transcriptSO:0000673 transcript
tRNA_geneSO:0001272 tRNA_gene
vectorSO:0000440 vector_replicon
YACSO:0000152 YAC

Last updated September 28, 2009

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