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Ontology Editor Tools:

The ontology editors are either open source or licensed for free (at least for academics, let me know if I misrepresented anything). Thanks to Robert Stevens, U. Manchester, for info on Protege and OILed.
  • GKB-Editor: Generic knowledge base editor from SRI that uses frames and slots.
  • DAG-EDIT: Editor from the Gene Ontology Consortium.
  • OILed: OILed is a little editor for creating the OIL and DAML+OIL language. Like GKB and Protege, it has a Frame look and feel, but the option of reasoning support. Oiled is really a toy tool. It is reasonably robust, but not supported in any signficiant fashion. It has a little manual, but one would have to read a little about OIL in order to use some of the features fully. The advantange that OILed has, is that one can create simple DAGS, like GO, all the way to full logic models; and migrate from the former to the latter.
  • Protege 2000:Protege 2000 is the most widely known and used tool for creating ontologies and knowledge bases.
Products such as those from Rational Rose and Embarcadero can also be used to generate UML models (class diagrams). These are not free.

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