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MAGE-stk: The MAGE Software Toolkit

The MAGE Software Toolkit is a collection of Open Source packages that implement the MAGE Object Model in various programming languages.

The toolkit is meant for users that develop their own applications, and need to integrate functionality for managing an instance of a MAGE-OM. The toolkit facilitates easy reading and writing of MAGE-ML to and from the MAGE-OM, and all MAGE-objects have methods to maintain and update the MAGE-OM at all levels.

What MAGE-stk doesn't implement for you, is the glue between your application, and the standard way of representing microarray in MAGE-OM (MAGE-ML when in a file). This you will need to do by yourself.

Additional Documentation is available here

Current Releases:

Previous Releases:

  • Previous releases for all APIs can be found in the Files section of the MGED sourceforge website

Subversion (SVN):


  • Java
      There are two types of Java MAGEstk related releases :

      1. Java MAGEstk releases - ready for developers to use in their own applications
      2. JavaGenerator - The JavaGenerator is a code-generator written in Java. It reads in a UML model in XMI format and generates the Java MAGEstk releases, DTD's, docs etc. (This is for developers of the developer kit)
        • README - This file describes briefly what JavaGenerator is and what it does
        • INSTALL - Prerequisites, how to install and configure JavaGenerator
        • DESIGN - How the JavaGenerator code works
  • Python

If you want to participate in the development of MAGE or MAGEstk, please joing the MAGE mailing list at sourceforge.

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